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(The choir)…” delivered a vocal crescendo that provoked a prickle of goose bumps, and a desire to close your eyes and lose yourself in the glorious sound ….  “When it finished, I just wanted to hear it all over again ”  (Scotsman March 2014)
The Edinburgh Bach Choir performs three concerts a year with up to 100 singers. One concert a year is usually dedicated to J S Bach. We’ve also sung a wide repertoire in recent years, ranging from 16th to 20th century composers: Monteverdi to Constant Lambert, Byrd to Duruflé, Handel to Stravinsky.


19 March 2016 – The Canterbury Pilgrims – George Dyson


We are privileged to follow the example of the 2012 Three Choirs Festival in reviving George Dyson’s The Canterbury Pilgrims. Based on Chaucer’s Prologue, the piece premiered in 1931 at Winchester, and became very popular with British choral societies for the next few decades. It depicts the virtues and vices of the pilgrims as they assemble at the Tabard Inn to begin their journey. Colourful characters portrayed include the chivalrous knight, the pompous merchant, the prayerful nun and the poor parson.

28 May 2016 – Bach Cantatas and Motets

Want to hear what we sound like?  Listen to our audio samples taken from some recent performances.

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