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Membership of the Choir

Edinburgh Bach Choir

Edinburgh Bach Choir

How to join

In order to maintain the high standards that the Edinburgh Bach Choir is renowned for, the Musical Director requires new applicants to give a simple audition. You will be asked to sing from a short piece of your own choice and to undertake simple tests to show reasonable sight-reading ability and a good musical ear. Full details of the audition process can be read here.

For further information about membership please e-mail the Choir Membership secretary, giving your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. It would also be helpful to please state whether you are a soprano, alto, tenor or bass and what singing experience you have had. We look forward to hearing from you.

When we meet

The core of our activity as a choir is our Tuesday night meetings. Under the guidance of our Musical Director and piano accompanist, we learn and practise the pieces for our next concert.  We meet from 7.15pm to 9.30pm in St Cuthberts Church, Lothian Road, EH1 2EP We have 3 ‘terms’ per year: September – December, January – March and April – May/June.

In order to perform concerts to the highest standards we have some basic attendance rules. You can read a copy here.


Members are encouraged to be actively involved in selling concert tickets, although no minimum ticket sales per person are required. Dress for concerts varies. It is normally long black dresses (or long skirt and blouse) for women and dinner jackets for men. Recent performances of the Bach Passions have been in sombre casual clothes.

Music Scores

Members are expected to obtain copies of all music. Our Librarian will obtain scores for you at a cost of around £40 to £50 per annum, unless you already have them or wish to purchase them yourself, please note that it is advisable to have the specific edition we use for each work.  If you are successful at audition and then join the choir, please contact the Librarian to order what you need. Also, we require all members to buy an Edinburgh Bach Choir folder for use at all concerts, at a cost of under £10.


Annual subscriptions are payable. These are currently £125 a year, or £50 for full time students and unemployed. We ask members to pay their subscriptions by Gift Aid whenever possible. If preferred, subscriptions can be paid by monthly standing order.